GHS, Glaziers Hardware Supplies is Australia’s leading supplier of glass and glazing tools for Australia’s picture framing industry.


GHS has been supplying glass and glazing products to picture framers since the 1980s, and is now the premium provider of specialist framing glass products and ancillary items to markets in NSW, ACT and QLD.


The family-owned business can trace its roots back to the 1970s, when founder Murray Arundell established a loyal clientele for glazing tools throughout Queensland. From its humble beginnings spanning just three shelves of a residential garage, the business developed under Murray’s leadership and quickly became the largest wholesale distributor of glazing tools in Australia.


Glazing used for picture framing applications has
altered dramatically over the years.

Once delivered in 42-sheet cases by crane – and then left to the customer to unpack on site – the products of yesteryear were typically made of ‘Sheet Glass’ featuring numerous imperfections and distortions.

Today, we offer our clients Off-line Washed Clear Float Glass, Coated Ultra Clear and Anti Reflective Glass, UV Filtering Glass,and other specialist products with characteristics to suit specific artworks, materials and locations.

We understand that glass used for picture framing applications differs markedly from architectural and general-purpose glass in significant ways; we take pride in sourcing the finest, professional-grade Clear Glass varieties designed specifically for picture framing applications.

Our ranges of glass products will not discolour or distort pure whites, and are available in a variety of configurations including Non-Reflective and Mirror Glass in different thicknesses and sizes.

All GHS 2mm consignments are packed with pH-buffered paper interleaves rather than dust separators, and our Off-line Washed cleaning processes ensure that every glass panel is clean and ready for use as soon as it arrives in the client’s workshop. Our premium service includes stacking of products into each client’s storage racks, leaving framers to get on with their primary duties.

Our Glass range includes:


Understanding the potential dangers in glass handling,
GHS take every opportunity to promote workplace safety
in both glass handling and storage.

As a major supplier of glass and glazing tools,
we recognise or role to promote and enhance workplace safety.


GHS achieves this goal in various ways:

  • SAFE EQUIPMENT – GHS provides high-quality products and equipment, which are designed to offer maximum control and comfort to the user, thereby reducing the incidence of accidents caused by inappropriate tools.


  • SAFE DELIVERY SYSTEMS – Whereas some suppliers deliver glass in an ad hoc fashion or employ untrained sub contractors, GHS delivers to the customer using its own vehicles and staff.GHS staff are thoroughly trained in all aspects of WH&S to ensure that they, you the customer and the general public can be confident that glass will be handled and delivered with safety as our first priority.GHS implements safe and efficient delivery practices with clients. By systematizing deliveries to defined drop-off points, clients benefit from safer handling and unpacking procedures.
  • SAFE STORAGE SYSTEMS – at GHS, we believe our responsibilities to our clients extend well beyond every successful delivery. We are able to advise clients about optimal storage systems to reduce workplace hazards, streamline stock replenishments and improve inventory tracking. The result: a safer, more orderly workplace based around solid safety protocols.
  • SAFE HANDLING POLICIES – GHS is able to inform clients about the latest Materials Handling products and methods to provide eye, hand and wrist protection. GHS is also able to advise clients about appropriate lifting systems to suit all business sizes.

Every task is made easier with the right tool, which is why GHS stocks an extensive range of glass handling tools for professional and hobbyist applications. GHS maintains a massive inventory of hand tools, cutting tools, abrasives, silicones and putties, accessories and fittings for mirror glass and sealants, as well as a huge array of drilling accessories.

From the most precise handheld circle cutter to a caulking gun, chisel, scraper or vacuum lifting pad, we have your needs covered – all underscored by our peerless knowledge and advice to make sure you get the right item for your personal needs.

Our commitment to safety at all levels of the glass supply chain extends to our great range of safety gear, which includes premium gloves, aprons and gauntlets. GHS has close relationships with tool and accessory manufacturers around the world; we are continually refining and enhancing our product selections with the most advanced, efficient and affordable products on the market.


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