GHS has been supplying glass and glazing products to picture framers since the 1980s,
and is now the premium provider of specialist framing glass products and ancillary items to markets in NSW, ACT and QLD.

The family-owned business can trace its roots back to the 1970s, when founder Murray Arundell established a loyal clientele for glazing tools throughout Queensland. From its humble beginnings spanning just three shelves of a residential garage, the business developed under Murray’s leadership and quickly became the largest wholesale distributor of glazing tools in Australia.

Nowadays GHS is proud to be Australia’s most attentive, comprehensive and cutting-edge supplier of a wide range of specialty glazing products for professional picture framers, dedicated hobbyists and discerning artists.

The company’s dedicated framing glass division is fully equipped with its own fleet of vehicles, supported by highly efficient materials handling infrastructure and stacking procedures – developed in-house – to minimise client downtime and reduce wasteful packaging.

These processes have been refined over the years to make our supply chain faster, safer and more convenient for our customers.

At the same time we have sought the world’s finest products, developing relationships with leading glass manufacturers to ensure our product range is up to date and unequalled anywhere in the country.

A passion for perfection underscores everything we do. We understand that glass used for picture framing must be impeccably clean, fit for purpose and as easy as possible to work and handle. It must also showcase precious artworks faithfully with negligible colour interference, and provide appropriate levels of protection from prevailing environments.

Our ongoing mission is to satisfy all these requirements reliably and affordably – with a vigilant eye on new technologies and products to add to our stock lines.


To find out more contact us on

12 Lombank St, Acacia Ridge,
Brisbane QLD 4110

Toll Free: 1800 777 833